What is your real?

A walk through the forest or the news at night?

I need to hear the water as it hits the rocks I need to be able to move and feel the wind hitting my face. I need to be able to release the day and forget that the world hurts. Don’t you?

More often than not when I am in my right state of mind you will find me walking through a cemetery. I love cemeteries. Let’s set the record straight. Cemeteries are absolutely not creepy. Cemeteries are where your ancestors are buried. Where your ancestors are to be honored.

There I can read. I can look at beautiful art and carry my mind away and walk. I can forget that I have troubles and worries and doubt. I can travel back to 1799 and wonder if Susan Trevor looked like me and wonder what her life was like. I can ponder what her child lived like. I can compare lives and think about the comparisons of how we can change our world for the better.

History matters. History repeats. I walk through cemeteries not because I mourn and cry. I walk through cemeteries because I am a thinker. I am a genealogist. I am a recorder. I also sometimes am lucky enough to see a wandering spirit or two.  I feel honored on those days.

Nature is important to me. Real is important to me. I’d forgotten for a long time and I’m finally getting back to myself. I hope you’ll join me.




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