Hey you

Hey, You. Yes, you! Mr. Postman. Thank you for always being nice to me when you deliver my mail. I look forward to seeing you every day because you are one of the people that I can count on to smile at me without needing me to do something for you.

I am a woman. A mother, a daughter, a sister and a lady that has walked many miles in darkness alone hoping someone would dare to come out of the shadows to attack.

Hey, You. Yep, you. Mrs. PTA mom. Thank you for making my children’s classroom parties nice the years I couldn’t even manage to sign the paperwork because I was so mentally tired.

I am the mom that decorated fences for the baseball team. I am the mom that painted faces for the cheerleaders. I am the mom that created the gift bags for the parties that year, but, these past few years I have just been too damn tired.

Hello there, Cashier. I always remember you. You were the nice lady that saved me when I was lost in that big old chain store the first time I tried to walk through it alone without mom there with me. I was so afraid. I’d never been afraid of anything in my life and I was so embarrassed. You knew that feeling and understood what was happening to me even when I did not. Thank you. I won’t forget you. Ever.

Soon after my mother died I experienced something I had never experienced. I walked into a store and the walls closed in. Literally. My mother had talked about such a thing and I had shaken my head and imaged that she was making it up and being a “drama queen”. I had thought that she was just trying to get attention.

I was wrong.

I remember standing in the coffee aisle and thinking “shit” I’m going to tear down this aisle. Instead, I gritted my teeth and started making my way toward the front of the store.

I thought I could mentally will myself through the experience because I had always powered through every other mental challenged in my life. However, this was not to be.

I literally almost dropped. I stopped in my tracks.

I had no idea that this was a classic panic attack. This was my introduction to them. A cashier saved me that day. She was paid under $9 to save me.

Angels among us.
I’ll never forget her.

She said “Just breathe”

So I did.
Be Blessed my friends.

Never ever look down on anyone. You never know who can save you.

Happy Tuesday.



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