Red Clay in a Pie Pan

As a little girl, my grandma was my caretaker. She never cursed and she never drank alcohol. She baked and she always wore a house dress. Her name was Addie Nunley and you could never ask for a better role model.

My grandma taught me to clean the window sills with soapy water in the spring and to spray the pothos with dish soap to keep out the spider mites when I was done.

She taught me to lay down newspaper on the kitchen floor when we were baking all day to keep up all of the flour so it wasn’t so hard to sweep up at the end of the day.

She taught me that we could use old books that we had read ten trillion times by putting notebook paper in them and writing recipes on the paper.

This was my life on the avenue and I wouldn’t trade that life for a million dollars. No thank you.

My name was Renita Nunley back then and I used to love making mud pies in old pie pans. The mud always baked in the sunshine. It baked into a red clay.

Ohio dirt is mostly clay down in Ross County. Well, it’s a good balance. It’s either pure black gold dirt, which is great for growing some great sweet corn, or it’s wonderful for some red clay pies. Either way it’s a Buckeye Win!

This is why I love Ohio. 🙂

Happy Thursday. ❤



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