Dear Amy ;

I wish I could have been friends with you. I wish that you and I could have talked. I wish that your story wouldn’t have ended.

Perhaps we could have put an exclamation point right after that semi-colon.

I hadn’t read about your life until today, I didn’t know about your heartache. I didn’t know about your pain.  I want you to know that your legacy is one of triumph and you have made a difference in our world even in your life ending. You made a difference! You mattered!

You started a beautiful movement that gave hope to a generation of humans. You gave a simple grammar mark a purpose for mankind. You gave mankind a reminder. LIVE! Remember, LIVE and love and carry on!

I too have struggled throughout my lifetime.

In my youth, I have ridden hard.

Many years ago, I found myself in a hotel room in Houma, Louisianna. I was alone with a bible and a gun. I had no car. I stared at the ceiling fan wondering what to do. I stood up and grabbed my green duffel bag and walked out of that hotel room. I threw the gun into the big ole trash container ( after taking it apart, thank God). I then took a Grayhound bus into New Orleans. I chose to live! I walked through fat Tuesday in 2000 and into my new life. I was terrified, but, I did it. Trust that the following bus ride on into Ohio was much harder.

Oh, and by the way Amy? The gun? I was scared shitless. A girl, traveling. Alone. But, don’t tell anyone. I have a rep to protect.

Be blessed sister. Be proud of the work you have done. Your work here was beautiful. Love, another soul sister.

xo ; !





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