A Sunday in New Orleans

Sunday Afternoonish in New Orleans March 2000

I walked through Jackson square looking at the people. Watching the tourists drink. I was alone. I ended up at a church or cathedral. I was surprised they had let me in. I suppose they did it because I wasn’t dressed like the other people and didn’t carry beads and trinkets. I smelled like Ohio.

A lady asks me if I was catholic. I told her I was not and she smiled and said, “Everyone is catholic now girl.” And she laughed so loud. I remember thinking she was so happy! I was just so sad. I missed my kids. I told her that. She just smiled again and held my hands and said “You? Are going to be just fine. I feel it on you. You are protection. You ARE the protection girl!” I didn’t understand. She laughed again and then ask me if she could give me a big hug. I was still all raw but I needed a hug bad. She was a beautiful African American woman that radiated love so I opened my arms and embraced her. I instantly felt relief.

Later that day was the first time I visited Marie Laveau’s Grave… and my entire life perspective changed yet again.


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