Thank you. Taylor’s IGA

I grew up in Chillicothe, Ohio. I love Chillicothe with my whole heart. 🙂

My daddy always said “Neat, there is no place in this big old world that is like home” and I have found that he is right. There are beautiful places and there are beautiful new homes and beautiful new hometowns that I have come to love because I love Lancaster and I loved Circleville and Jupiter but, today, I want to talk about home.

As a little girl, I lived on Eastern ave. Our local grocery store was a mom and pop place and it was called Taylor’s IGA. Back when I was a kid I remember ashtrays sitting on the shelf right along with the boxes of macaroni and cheese. I remember walking in with our glass bottles of coca-cola returnables, walking straight into the back room raising my arm to say “hey Tim!” like it was no big deal to be walking back into a back room of the store, and then carrying on with my day.

We were a family. This was my hometown. Our neighborhood.

In 1978 when the blizzard struck Ohio, my mom bundled me up and put me in our little red rider wagon and basically drug me through the snow forever it seemed to get up to Taylors, in hopes that he might possibly be open so that we could by some food and batteries to make it through the storm. Of course, they were open. Tim and Janet always took care of the community. Maxine was there to check us out.

One year Tim and Janet ran a lottery of sorts. I think it was “save your receipts and get so many points for a chance to win” a ten-speed bicycle! Guess what? My mom saved her receipts! Guess what? I was the lucky girl that won her chance to actually own that bicycle! 🙂 I had never been prouder in my life! I stood beside Tim that day and felt like I was the queen of the entire world.

I hope Tim and Janet realize the freedom that they gave me that day. I rode that bicycle for hours and hours and hours. I escaped my father’s pain. I was able to exercise and feel the wind in my hair. A young girl was able to have freedom just because they spent the money on a bicycle.

Thank you.




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