Indigo Man; Deep Purple

I have always been a questioner. I pondered and ask “why” when I was a little girl until my mother stared blankly into the fields behind our house.
I remember being a very little girl I looked up at her and said “mom, why is the grass green and immediately ask why is the sky blue and why is the cloud white and why is the”—she interrupted me with her reply of “Renita Dawn, you will make the world weep with your mind”
I stared out into the field and smiled. As the passenger train slowly chugged on by I heard the screen door open and then close softly. Dad walked out and stood beside me.
I looked up at him and I said, “Why is the sky blue?” He leaned back a little smiled and said,“It ain’t blue Neat, it’s Indigo.”
Therefore, I am who I am. Just, Renita.


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