Easy Peasy

The most beautiful part about my growth was watching my father work. Learning the gears and mechanisms that was him.

He was hard and soft and earned a reputation from both sides of the fence. He was often misunderstood. I am also misunderstood. It is our advantage often and our defeat in some situations.

When my father was in a situation that he was coming hard and fast and wanted to blow someone completely out of the water. I would often sit with him and just let him scream and pace. I would listen to the players. I would listen to each of their names. I would list their family members in my head. I would listen to the names of the streets if he mentioned them. I would listen to the transgressions, imagined and real. I would then remind him of their charitable deeds. I would remind him of history.

Immediately family war would erupt between us. God, like we would become, silent inside voices we would tremble. Big and small, we would sit. Me on the table in front of him. Him sitting in his chair right there in the kitchen. Can you picture that? Right there in the kitchen. A tattooed man, the ex-con, discussing the citizens with his baby girl. We talked of their gossip and transgressions, he knew them all. He received all the calls and was judgment. Ezra knew.

Some nights he would walk out in the middle of the night smiling. He would talk gibberish that was not gibberish but, it seemed that way. It was a round and a round the subject at hand. Easy, easy the real deal would hear what needed to be done. Not everything needed to be bullet straight down the middle. That is what I taught him. Sideways, Listen to the side words. Diffuse with stealth. Not everyone needs the applause. We both learned to work that way. It’s better.

Yes, It’s good to be a proud peacock, however, easy peasy is good and just when dealing with something that causes massive loss.

What’s best for all is really best.




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