Let me REALLY clear my throat

Truth. 2017

Here’s my reality.

Are you ready to hear my truth? My favorite people in the world? I’m not certain you can handle the truth.

The Renita truth.

While you all have your phone in your hand and in your pocket and in your faces, I have my head on my shoulder. I have my brain on buzz.

I have my hands full of life. Josie and Nichole and Nichol and Jen and Lauren and Joy and Willow and Sarah and Sara and Melanie and Nadia and Jennifer and Susan and Jessica and Silver and Megan and Jenna and Breanna and Bobbi Sue and Beyonce and Lady Gaga and J-Lo and Missy are full of it all. We are running it. We are all doing it. All of the girls. WE are the ones that are on the ground. We are getting the breakfast. We are the ones getting the kids to school. We are making sure our mama’s hurts are tended and talking to the church and the school and tending the bandages and most of the hurts. We are at the conferences. Now I know that many men are filling these spots. I’m not an idiot but, come the hell on. Most of the time, because of my gender? I’m set at home just because.

BECAUSE, it’s my job.

I used to work. I’ve worked since I stood upright. I cleaned bars. I cleaned bars that were rotten. I cleaned toilets that had needles in them that could have killed me. I watched men cut each other and then hid the blades from law enforcement that should have protect me and instead they beat my father. Yet, I defend them. That’s what I do. Because my heart still, to this day believes we are a good people. That’s who the hell I am.

I keep getting tagged with things telling me about “the world is good, the world is happy”

Damn you straight to hell.

I know the world is good! I have angels in my house. I raise angels.

I gave breath to them. I sing to them. They can also be little jerks. lol. WE all can can’t we? There is a very thin line between an angel and a demon. Go to a prison and talk to any man or woman. The darkest of man can do good deeds if you let him! Give him a chance in the right setting. Give him hope. I’d bet most, if the sickness is not too deep might pet a dog. I have that sort of hope in mankind. I just do. I have seen it happen. I believe in man. I believe in all of us. I just do.

I have fallen and gotten up more than any one human. I may come up spitting and gagging and cussing but, damn you, I always get up. Always.

So, Be love. Know that I’m always pure love. I may look dark but, I’m thinking. I’m always positive and going to be doing great things. I love those I love, ALWAYS.

You go and do GOOD. Be brave and be YOU.




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