The Corrections Officer; Abuse of Privilege



a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people.

I Support law enforcement.

I do not believe we should run willy nilly around acting crazy. I also understand pain better than some humans. I don’t understand all sorts of pain. I’m no superhuman. I’m not as well-read as I should be, I’ve been too caught up in survival and raising babies and chasing my own emotions to read the books I’ve actually wanted to read. That is my actual cross to carry.

I’m furious today, though I sit at my desk pretending to just sit and blog as if nothing is going on except my children running to sneak extra pieces of my birthday cake that I actually didn’t even want.

I feel bloated and achy. My muscles hurt and I want to pack up my car and drive far away from this place with my children and never look back.

If my mother were alive and living somewhere warm, I’d do just that. I’d drive to her and start fresh just like we always do. Start fresh. To hell with men.

I mean, really. Seriously? Love. Let’s get really real. What is it? This love thing. Sex?


Baby, I’m evolved. I can walk through New Orleans and get that shit anywhere. Yeah, I may need to work out and get my nails done, however, that ain’t nothing. I got it.

These men think they have my shit all wrapped up in a ball because I’ve been swinging from this damn tree outside like some fresh angel. Seriously? I am an angel. I do good because I am good. I am. However, I am no fool. Seriously.

My sisters. My babies. That is all there are ladies. I love my husband. I always have! This man brought me yellow roses last night. For real?? Yellow roses of Texas. Trying to aggravate me like I’m an idiot. Are you serious? Oh dear lord have mercy on my sweet soul.

That poor woman down there in Texas. I love her. I do. Cathy Jo. I swear. I don’t know what in the sweet hell.

I’m telling you what. I will walk proudly like a damn peacock. My babies have and always will be my priority. I hope to hell everyone knows that. If ya’ll don’t know that? No one ever knew me.

Toth? You, son? Are an idiot if you don’t marry sassy pants.

That is all I have to say.

That’s the real.



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